alberto drago's profile & portfolio

I'm a Technical Consultant, i work for JNET200 S.P.A locate in Rome, Italy

I am an authority on high­end UNIX systems design and configuration
with deep and wide knowledge of operating systems, servers, storage and clusters, as well as LAN, SAN, and fibre technology.

UNIX System Administrator experience, projecting and planning system for high availability structure and business continuity



Key Technologies:

- Clusters – design, configuration, administration, repair
- High­End Servers (SunFire 6800 – 25k) – design, configuration
- Solaris (and general Unix/Linux) – design, configuration, tuning, hardening
- Veritas Volume Manager – design, configuration
- Storage – NAS, DAS, SAN
- Programming – Shell Scripting, C, PHP, SQL
- Oracle RAC 10g

- Oracle Application Server Specialt




Working on behalf of  Professional Services design solutions as well as
onsite installing and configuring application ­ready platforms.


Governmental Departments Bank and Financials Sector:  installation & configuration Oracle RAC / Oracle Application Server.

My job includes design, installation, testing, in areas including:

- System and Software Upgrades
- SunCluster design and installation, HA­API (aka GDS) Scripting
- Veritas Volume Manager, Solstice DiskSuite, Raid Manager
- Veritas File System
- Kernel Tuning
- Fibre Channel­Arbitrated Loop (FCAL) devices and hubs
- Systems Migration
- Full range of Sun Servers, including Netra, Enterprise
- Sun Storage, including SSA's, A1000, D1000, A5x00 and A3x00; T3, T3B, SExxx0 SAN
- Arrays including Hitachi HDS 9960/9970/9980 arrays. L1800, L700 Tape Libraries


Oracle RDBMS:
- Installation and Configuration of TEST / DEV servers with RHEL 4/5, SUSE 9 and 10 Enterprise Server, Unix HP-UX B.11.

- Installation and configuration of the Oracle Database Engine (manage users and groups ,permissions and environment setup, installation of all required packages for Oracle, kernel parameters, db start and db shut)
- Installation and configuration of Oracle Database Grid Control (also to manage/control Microsoft products ex: MSSQL 2000/MSSQL 2005).
- Scheduling and managing of backups (rman also on tape, export)
- Unix System Administration (RHEL5, RHEL4, SUSE9 , SUSE10).
- RHEL4 cluster adminsitration.
- Installation of servers and configuration of Oracle RAC 9i/10g/11g.
- Experience in patching/upgrade of the Oracle 8i ,9i ,10g, 11g oracle engine Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5 ,windows 2000/2003 server, Suse Enterprise Server 9/10 also RAC infrastructures.
- Oracle ASM.
- Installation configuration and managing of Oracle Grid Control 10g on RHEL4/5 and Oracle Grid agents.
- Good experience with Oracle Heterogeneous Service.
- Good experience in Oracle database migration (export import, upgrade assistant).
- Installation and configuration of Oracle Onames servers and Oracle OID LDAP servers (also with replica).
- Good experience with backups/restore with the common tools imp/exp, impdp/expdd, rman.


Other Technologies


- Linux, AIX, DRS/NX, SCO OpenServer and UnixWare, HPUX, SINIX, *BSD Unix.
- Configuration of BIND, Sendmail, Exim, Apache (SSL, PHP,PERL, CGI, etc)


Ham Radio Operator